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Survey Results

So I have looked over the survey and I thank you all for all the feedback you gave me. I will try to make this tumblr better. :)

As for the results of the survey, I will be posting fan art from Dual Destinies. From some of the surveys I have seen, people were worried about spoilers. If I find some pieces of art to reveal something, then I will let people know and place a warning. So it is up to you whether you wish to see it or not. I have never played this game yet either so I will probably not post much spoiler art.

For an additional question, I asked if you all would like to see art from GK2. There was a mix of both yes and no, but the majority of you voted yes, so I will be posting GK2 art. I will post art from GK2 in the same way as I will for Dual Destinies if you are worried about seeing spoilers of any kind.

Thank you all for your help. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please let me know in my ask box!